What Does Brazzer Mean?

The word brazzer has several different meanings. The most common meanings have to do with slang to describe women. The word usually refers to an attractive woman and her physical assets, specifically her upper body. In particular, the word brazzer is most often used to describe a woman with particularly attractive, large breasts. However, the word brazzers, plural, may be used to refer to the breasts themselves. Brazzer is also a vulgar Irish slang term for a prostitute.

As you can see, the term brazzer is most often used to refer to a woman or her attributes in some way. However, the word brazzer does have a few meanings unrelated to a woman, or her breasts. There are a few additional, less popular, meanings of the word. For example, brazzer may be used as a term of endearment for a friend. In that usage, brazzer is similar to calling a male friend brother or homeboy. Brazzer is sometimes used as a racial slur to describe people of Mexican descent. That alternate usage is most common in the city of Chicago.

Brazzers is also the name of an adult website. It should come as no surprise that this website offers pornography featuring beautiful women with large breasts. It also features all the regular fare that you would expect from a website that provides adult content. Brazzers, the website, requires that visitors be 18 or older to view content.

Brazzers, the website, is composed of 29 individual sites and boasts 4,600 exclusive videos with more than 1,000 porn stars. That is quite an impressive array of pornography and a huge variety of porn actresses. The women who are featured on the home page of this website could definitely be described as brazzers themselves, based on the most popular meaning of this unusual word. The site features plenty of beautiful women with large breasts and varied talents.

Videos featuring brazzers are incredibly popular since most porn stars tend to be attractive women with full breasts that are either naturally large or surgically enhanced. Just remember that the term brazzer is best left to the porn community and not used in polite society.

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